Cities And Clubs

  • New York, NY / Tue April 29th / Output Sold Out
  • Boston, MA / Wed April 30th / Bijou Sold Out
  • Toronto, ON / Thu May 1st / Coda Sold Out
  • Montreal, QC / Fri May 2nd / Stereo Nightclub Sold Out
  • San Francisco, CA / Wed May 7th / Mighty Sold Out
  • Vancouver, BC / Thu May 8th / Shine Sold Out
  • Denver, CO / Fri May 9th / NORAD Sold Out
  • El Paso, TX / Sat May 10th / The Garden Sold Out
  • Tampa, FL / Tue May 13th / The Kennedy Sold Out
  • Philadelphia, PA / Wed May 14th / Rumor Sold Out
  • Detroit, MI / Thu May 15th / TV Bar Sold Out
  • Milwaukee, WI / Fri May 16th / Oak Lounge Sold Out


A year ago, I commemorated the ten-year anniversary of my album, “It’s You, It’s Me” by dreaming big of a stripped-down possibility called Redux. The inspiration for Redux was simplicity. My intention: to play small clubs, and for all who participated to be taken back a decade, when it was all about the music. When the term “House Music” meant something pure. I wanted to touch base with my foundation, and do it in a way that was intimate.

Redux has graduated from being an intention to describing a revolution where our coup d’état is a reversal of time. Redux is an observance of massive sound but restrained lights, married with hedonic amounts of deep and emotive house. When you close your eyes, you’re not missing anything; you’re doing it right. Redux will not be experienced by tens of thousands, but rather, hundreds. You know, like the way we used to do it.